Thursday, January 24, 2013

Take Back Control Over Aging!

Intrinsic aging is often referred to as “chronological aging.”
Think you have no control over fine lines, wrinkles and sagging skin? Think again! While many folks assume these skin changes are an inevitable part of growing older, when we take a closer look at the skin aging process, it becomes clear that our environment and our lifestyle choices could make all the difference. And, it has to do with the difference between intrinsic aging and extrinsic aging.
While the concept might seem a bit complicated, you can think of intrinsic and extrinsic aging in terms of internal and external changes. Intrinsic aging is often referred to as “chronological aging.” These are skin changes we have relatively little control over, including a natural reduction in collagen production as well as a gradual loss of skin elasticity. And, since these changes are primarily based on physiological factors and genetics, there isn’t much we can do in the way of prevention.
External aging is a different story. These are skin changes that are a direct result of our lifestyle choices as well as our environment. For example, overexposure to the sun – which is often referred to as photoaging – can promote wrinkle formation and lead to unattractive skin discoloration. Lifestyle choices like tobacco use can also play a role. Smoking, for example, damages the skin’s elastin and collagen. These are proteins that keep skin looking supple and youthful. So, while some aging is normal – and to a certain degree, inevitable – I hope you can begin to understand just how much control you may ultimately have over your appearance!

Correcting the Damage

Another part of taking back control over your appearance is understanding all your cosmetic dermatology options. Working to “turn back the clock” and improve the appearance of aged, damaged skin, cosmetic dermatology offers a solution for nearly any cosmetic issue you may be facing. Want to find out what’s out there?

Here are three of today’s top cosmetic skin procedures:
  1. BOTOX®: Fine lines and wrinkles affect not only how we look, but how we look at ourselves, as well. And, when it comes to achieving a fresh, more youthful appearance, there are no treatments as popular as BOTOX. Working essentially as a muscle relaxer, BOTOX reduces the appearance of dynamic lines such as frown lines or crow’s feet. And, though not a permanent solution, the effects of BOTOX will often last up to several months.
  2. Fillers: For deep-set wrinkles that would not respond well to BOTOX, we will often recommend a soft-tissue filler such as Juvéderm®. Working to fill in the valleys of creases, these minimally-invasive treatments add volume to the skin and restore a more youthful face shape.
  3. Chemical Peels: While skin discoloration is often not a medical concern, the condition can take a toll on a patient’s sense of well-being. Thankfully, cosmetic dermatology offers several solutions, some of the most popular of which are chemical peels. Varying in strengths, peels remove the damaged outer layers of the skin and promote a smooth, even skin tone.

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